About Us

MM Kitchen Engineering

With humble beginning as a small group, we RP Elevators stands unique in the industry among our competitors with the quality, high standard, stability, reasonable cost price, extended support, unlimited reliability and incredible services.

RP Elevators provides better user experience in handling operations from an uneducated to highly technical people, thus makes technology easy in hand.

Our nearly more-than 50-100 employees are dedicated in providing customers with best in service and support.

We provide extra service and support to our valued customers with high class architects and imaginations.

Aiming at "Customer satisfaction as MOTTO", we are assigned to Customer preference jobs and accomplishes tasks and schedules on time.

With the experienced staffs, we provide easier solutions in installation, implementation, modernization, fabrication of tools and materials.

Adopting the modern technology, we have came across many new techniques in installation, decoration, servicing, customer support, plating and designing tools

With the world class services and innovative solutions to customers, we place our foot-steps better and clear.

Focusing on safety precautions, we guide them easier steps to avoid unwanted accidents and other harmful conditions where customers are always on safer side.

With the advancement in technology, we are proud to unveil that, our quality works and services are manufactured in ultra modern factories

Our final preferred choice is to fulfill customer's requirement effectively and efficiently.